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Dr. Li and her staff provide a wide variety of dental services, all from a conveniently located downtown Ontario office. From treating common dental problems to cosmetic procedures such as whitening and veneers to assisting patients who suffer from TMJ, nearly all a patient's dental needs can be cared for in one office. Dr. Li knows her patients deserve high-quality and compassionate dental care, and her skilled team is dedicated to providing it.


Dr. Li's practice is set apart by the personal care given to each patient. Dr. Li schedules appointments to ensure that she can perform the best dentistry, so that means when you schedule an appointment, you know the time is dedicated just to you.

Dr. Li and her staff also know that great oral health begins with education. She ensures each patient is fully educated on the treatment options available and works closely with them to create the best dental plan, formulated specifically to meet their needs. Dr. Li's office is full of the most up-to-date products, and Dr. Li and her staff stay up on the latest information to help their patients have the most rewarding dental experience.

Dental technology is rapidly changing, and there are exciting treatments being offered. These modern techniques allow Dr. Li to restore smiles in ways that were never possible before. Click here to learn more about Dr. Li's experience and our dental technology.

Whether you're seeking a beautiful smile or simply dental health, an LVI dentist such as Dr. Li is uniquely qualified to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've been treated by the best.

The people-oriented dental practice takes pride in getting to know you. By treating you as a member of the family and not simply just a patient, Dr. Li and her staff ensure you have the information you need to make the best decisions about your dental health. This site explains our services and policies, but we're always available if you need more information. Patients can contact the office at any time with questions or concerns, either through email or a phone call.


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