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Correcting Deep Bites

By Pamela Li, in Articles, on June 23, 2014 | Comments (0)

Ottawa InvisalignOttawa, Ontario – A deep bite is when the upper teeth cover an excessive amount of the lower teeth and can be harmful because it not only causes teeth to be misaligned, but it can result in additional problems that can be painful and send you running to your Ottawa dentist.

“Deep bites can cause serious problems,” says Ottawa Invisalign provider Dr. Pamela Li. “The lower teeth will be in constant contact with the upper gums. This contact will harm the gum tissue, and over time, the roots of the teeth can be exposed from the gums being rubbed away. Likewise, the constant rubbing on the bottom teeth can cause those teeth to wear down over time.”

That means that after Dr. Li has treated their orthodontic issue, her patients may also require additional cosmetic dentistry procedures from her, such as crowns or veneers.

But the good news is there are several options available to treat deep bites. Deep bites are best treated at an early age to prevent additional damage being done. It is important that parents take their children for their first orthodontic consultation by the age of seven. Waiting too long for orthodontic treatment can result in needing surgery to properly correct any issues that may be present. But by beginning orthodontic monitoring at a young age, the orthodontist can determine when the best time to begin treatment is, and craft the perfect treatment plan to create the most beautiful and functional smile for a patient.

There are several options available to treat deep bites, with surgery typically being a last resort. A good orthodontist or dentist will create a custom treatment plan for each of his or her patients. Even if presenting with a similar problem, every mouth is different, so every treatment plan must be unique. The treatment will first begin with a diagnosis, which will involve a comprehensive examination. The dentist will need X-rays and photos to clearly see the issue and then determine the best course of action to treat it.

In some instances, the treatment may involve what is known as a bite plane. Made of acrylic, this appliance will be anchored into the mouth with bands that are placed in the upper, permanent molars. A piece of acrylic will rest on the upper front teeth, and the appliance works to allow the back teeth to come together. The typical treatment time using a bite plane is six to nine months.

In most cases, however, braces will be required to correct the bite. Because a deep bite causes poor angulation for the teeth, a large amount of force is typically needed to move the teeth to better positions. This may have been a deterrent for some patients, especially adults, who didn’t want the hassle of dealing with metal braces and all the annoyances that can go along with their wear. But now there is some exciting news for patients looking to correct their deep bites.

“Invisalign, the clear aligner braces technology, now offers a new aligner designed specifically to correct deep bites,” says Dr. Li. “That means even more patients can now enjoy the ease and functionality of Invisalign.”

At the end of 2013, Align Technology announced Invisalign G5, the exciting new technology that will allow deep bite patients the ability to correct their smiles more comfortably, efficiently and less noticeably. Align Technology designs and manufactures the revolutionary clear aligner system that has been improving smiles since 1998. Patients love the aligners because they are almost totally invisible and completely removable, allowing patients to discretely straighten their teeth without altering their lifestyles dramatically. The Invisalign product family includes numerous technologies to give patients perfect smiles, but until now, patients with deep bites were not as predictable with their treatment.

But all of that has changed with Invisalign G5. It has been specifically engineered to achieve better outcomes for deep bites and offers a few comprehensive features to help dentists correct these bites.

“Invisalign G5 has added new SmartForce attachments and pressure areas,” says Dr. Li. “These are designed to improve the control of tooth movement to create a more predictable treatment. There are also new precision aligner bite ramps that help to further improve the efficiency of the treatment.”

Invisalign G5 marks the first time Align Technology has created a product to specifically enhance treatment for one type of malocclusion. With deep bites affecting an estimated 45 percent of teen and adult patients, the company saw the need and created an innovative solution to better assist dentists and orthodontists.

Invisalign is a more modern approach to straightening teeth. Recent research has shown that eliciting constant, gentle force on teeth is more effective in moving them to their proper locations. And Invisalign G5 with its SmartForce innovations does just that. These new features allow the dentist to use advanced virtual modeling to deliver the proper level of force for each individual tooth. This is something that simply can’t be done using standard metal braces.

Invisalign involves the wear of a custom set of aligner trays. During the course of treatment, each tray will be worn for two weeks. Each tray is custom made for the individual patient, based on the exact movements your dentist has planned for you. And with Invisalign G5, the dentist now has the ability to plan out the movement for each individual tooth, so he or she can specifically target the teeth that are causing your deep bite.

Best of all, this is done gently and without people knowing it is even happening. There are no pesky wires and brackets to worry about, and because they are removable, there is no need to alter your diet or oral care habits. Invisalign provides excellent results, and dentists like Dr. Li are thrilled to be able to use the technology to help even more patients smile wider.

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