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Now Offering Joint Vibration Analysis

By pamelali, in News, on May 27, 2011 | Comments (0)

Ottawa, ON – Dr. Pamela Li is now offering Joint Vibration Analysis through her Ottawa dental practice. JVA is a product of BioResearch Associates, Inc. and is used to evaluate the functioning of the Temporal Mandibular Joint- or TMJ.

JVA is a fast, non-invasive method for evaluating TMJ function and is a valuable tool for dentists in investigating TMJ disorders.  The JVA equipment consists of a simple pair of pressure sensors that the dentist places over the TMJ to record vibrations as the jaw moves.  The JVA records vibration, amplitude, and frequency; it also shows exactly where in the opening/closing cycle the vibration occurs. Different TMJ disorders produce different patterns of vibration.  Analyzing these patterns allows a dentist to diagnose a patient’s specific disorder.

“It’s an incredibly valuable tool,” explains Li, an Ottawa general dentist.  “It takes the guesswork out of treating TMJ disorders.  We can pinpoint exactly where in the joint the disorder occurs – and devise a treatment accordingly.”

All joints on the human body have surfaces that rub together when they move. When a surface is smooth and well lubricated, it creates little friction or vibration. But changes in the surface can be caused by age, degeneration, tears, or displacements. Then the surfaces become rough and create friction when the joint moves. “The friction creates small vibrations that, if detected, can be used to diagnose the problem,” explains the Ottawa Teeth cleaning provider.

At Li’s Ottawa cosmetic dentist , the JVA process only takes about 10 seconds of the patient’s time and results are ready for the dentist to examine within 10 minutes. It can also be used to evaluate a patient’s jaw function prior to starting orthodontics – and can help the dentist design the braces.

“In the past, you needed to use a stethoscope or finger tips to record and analyze the functioning of the jaw,” notes Li, an Ottawa family dentistry practitioner. “This method is more accurate and far more objective.  When we can locate the precise source of the problem, it’s possible to devise a treatment that is tailored precisely to the patient’s situation.”

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