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Offering a New Implant Denture System

By pamelali, in News, on April 17, 2011 | Comments (0)

Ottawa, ON – Dr. Pamela Li’s Ottawa dental clinic has been using a new system to provide dentures for their patients. The implant supported dentures have revolutionized how dentists think of and provide dentures.

The locator system by Nobel Biocare allows dentures to be anchored right in the mouth with dental implants embedded right into the jaw. Patients don’t need to fuss with denture adhesives or dentures that feel loose. The implant system allows for more natural feeling teeth, especially in the lower jaw. Many patients have trouble getting used to complete dentures in the lower jaw. However, the new system places two or four implants in the jaw – where they act like tooth roots, making a patient’s denture feel more comfortable. “My patients are happiest with four – rather than two – implants,” explains Li, an Ottawa cosmetic dentistry provider. “But that is a more expensive proposition.”

With the Nobel Biocare system, the locator attachments can be placed directly on the implants or on a bar that is custom-made to fit the implants. “The bar can feel bulkier for patients, but it is stronger in high risk situations. For instance, a large man with a strong bite or a patient with poor quality bones would benefit from the inclusion of a bar,” explains Li, an Ottawa teeth cleaning provider.

The locators are adjustable because they use different-colored nylon rings. Each colored ring can handle a different amount of pounds of pressure, depending on how much retention is needed. This system allows the retention to be adjustable. So, for patients who are looking to find a dentist in Ottawa , Li is the one with the denture experience. “My patients have been very happy with the results,” notes Li, an Ottawa smile makeover provider. “They find that their dentures feel natural and secure. And, they can eat any food they want!”

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