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Offering Sleep Apnea Device

By pamelali, in News, on July 10, 2011 | Comments (0)

Ottawa, ON – Ottawa cosmetic dentistry expert Dr. Pamela Li now offers the Moses, an oral airway dilator which helps to treat sleep apnea and snoring. The two-part design of the appliance makes it comfortable for patients and allows them to talk, drink, open wide and close their lips.

“There are other products that are designed to prevent sleep apnea,” notes Li, an Ottawa teeth bleaching provider. “However, many of them are uncomfortable and hold the tongue in an awkward position.  They do not encourage forward positioning of the tongue.” The problem is that this discomfort reduces patient compliance. And if patients don’t wear the device, it isn’t going to help them. The Moses is so comfortable that patients often forget its presence in their mouths after a few minutes, Li says.

The Moses appliance encourages the lower jaw to stay in a forward position and prevents the tongue’s collapse onto the airway.  The appliance’s open anterior design increases the amount of space for the tongue in the mouth and gives the tongue somewhere to go.  This encourages the tongue to stay in a forward position where it won’t fall back on the airway. “The appliance’s unique combination of tongue management and mandibular advancement triggers a subconscious desire to keep the tongue in the optimal location,” explains Li, an Ottawa emergency dentist.

Since the appliance elevates the tongue to the hard palate, it also increases nasal air flow. The device also discourages muscle activity during sleep, so it reduces or prevents clenching or grinding.

“My patients see a big difference in how they feel once they start using sleep apnea appliances,” says Li, an Ottawa dentist TMD. “They are getting more and better quality sleep.  And as a result, they feel better during the day. They come back and tell me how much more energetic and well-rested they feel.”

Each Moses device is custom-made for the patient’s mouth.  Li, an Ottawa laser dentistry provider, will specify how much the lower jaw should open and come forward.  When the appliance is made in the lab, it is pre-set to those specifications, explains Li, who practices cosmetic dentistry. Ottawa, ON and Canada as a whole have no lab for making the device, so we have ours made in Washington state.  Each appliance is also adjustable.

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