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Ottawa Dentist and Staff to Attend LVI Course

By Pamela Li, in News, on April 6, 2014 | Comments (0)

Healthy teethOttawa, Ontario – Ottawa dentist Dr. Pamela Li is committed to staying up to date with the latest procedures and technologies. That’s why she and her staff will be attending a course given by the prestigious Las Vegas Institute at the end of the month.

The course will cover neuromuscular dentistry and TMJ disorder and how proper occlusion can aid patients. During the course, Dr. Li and her staff will further learn about the importance of recognizing malocclusion issues in their patients, and the need for establishing neuromuscular care to properly treat patients. They will learn how to better educate their patients about their dental and occlusal issues, and discuss the use of the TENS unit and K7 technology to help treat TMD and neuromuscular issues.

“We are very excited to attend this course,” says Dr. Li, who also practices cosmetic dentistry. “Any time we attend a course given by LVI, we walk away with a wealth of new knowledge that benefits our patients. We treat many patients who suffer from pain, due to neuromuscular and TMD issues, and this course will enable us to help make them better.”

Neuromuscular dentistry provides an evolution in thinking about occlusions. Dentists are able to assess the teeth and jaw joints as well as the muscles and nerves of the face and jaws. This gives a more comprehensive approach based on scientific protocols.

During the course, Dr. Li and her staff will learn how the missing pieces of the occlusion puzzle can create pain, see how the pain develops, and learn how that occlusion can create problems in the entire body from the fingers to the lower back. The instructors will offer practical methods to support optimal occlusion and end chronic and debilitating pain. The science behind proper occlusion will be studied, which will lead to how best to restore the mouth. A mentor will guide the participants as they discover the knowledge and techniques that will help them provide optimal health for their patients.

The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies is a postgraduate training center for dentists. LVI offers many courses that include topics such as neuromuscular, advanced diagnostic and aesthetic dentistry. LVI is dedicated to a deeper understanding of the art and science of dentistry and offers hands-on clinical and interactive lectures combined with live patient treatment to give dentists a training opportunity they can’t find anywhere else.

Finding a dentist who is committed to their ongoing education is a crucial part of selecting the right dentist for your care. While every dentist had to follow a similar program in order to become a dentist, not every dentist follows the same path throughout their career. It is important to find a dentist like Dr. Li who is committed to continuing her education and training by seeking out the best courses provided by the best educators. And LVI provides just that experience for dentists from around the world.

“I’m committed to seeking out the best treatment options for my patients,” says Dr. Li. “My staff and I always strive to provide the best and most comprehensive care possible, and continuing our educations through LVI courses is one of the best ways we can ensure that continues.”

The course will take place in Toronto on the weekend of March 27-29.


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