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Ottawa Dentist Starts Protocol for Screening Babies

By pamelali, in News, on June 10, 2010 | Comments (0)

Ottawa, ON – Dr. Pamela Li, an Ottawa dentist and dental implants provider and veneers is implementing a new protocol based on recommendations by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA). The CDA advises that dentists see infants by age one for their first dental visit instead of waiting until age two or three. Early childhood dental decay is still very common and Dr. Li uses the CAMBRA risk assessment screening method to assess each child’s risk.

“The waiting list for dental treatment in an O.R. at CHEO, our children’s hospital, is over a year,” says Dr. Li, an Ottawa invisalign provider and general dental care. “Unfortunately, decay is still prevalent in children despite water fluoridation.”

Much of this early childhood appointment is spent educating the parents. “I explain that early decay looks like white or brown patches,” says Dr. Li, an Ottawa general dentist. “I point out any plaque and explain how to brush the teeth. I discuss risks and benefits of fluoride.”

Strep. mutans, the bacteria that causes decay, is not intrinsic to the human body. It has to be acquired. A child’s caregivers should not share utensils or cups with the infant so the baby will not get strep. mutans in his or her mouth. Theoretically, if a child never gets strep. mutans, then he or she will never get a cavity.

“I try to make the appointment fun for the baby,” says Dr. Li, an Ottawa cosmetic dentist. “They go for a ride in the dental chair – and they get a toothbrush and a toy during the visit. I also give the parents literature about caring for their children’s teeth.”

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