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Ottawa Dentist Uses ICAT Scan to Take Guesswork out of Implant and TMJ Treatment

By Pamela Li, in News, on January 19, 2010 | Comments (0)

OTTAWA, ON — Ottawa dentist Dr. Pamela Li will be utilizing a newly opened ICAT scanner to more accurately treat her patients in need of dental implants or TMJ care. The ICAT scanner allows dentists and surgeons to read 3D scans of a patient’s head and neck, with much less radiation exposure than CT scans.

Thanks to the ICAT, dental implant surgery is far easier and less risky. Using the 3D scans, surgeons can accurately determine the best site for a dental implant based on bone mass, jaw structure, and the arrangement of teeth and roots. It is easier to plan the restorations of multiple implants if the dentist knows exactly where the implants will be placed ahead of time. Because of this, the procedure and results are much more predictable.

“The new ICAT scanner is a great diagnostic tool for both my TMJ and implant patients,” said the Ottawa dental implants provider. “Optimal implant placement provides the best long term anchorage and alignment of the restorations. And my TMD patients benefit from an accurate evaluation of the health and position of the temporamandibular joint. This has been traditionally a difficult area to treat.”

Dr. Li’s TMD treatment incorporates non-invasive adjustments to the bite, achieving a natural and optimal alignment of the upper and lower jaw as well as the patient’s teeth. This can provide any number of results, including relief of jaw soreness, headaches, migraines, and other problems as well.

At her Ottawa dental care facility, Dr. Li also provides general dental treatments such as fillings, root canals, and cleanings. In addition to TMD and TMJ treatment, Dr. Li provides other special dental care such as snoring and sleep apnea treatment and Pure Power mouth guards. The Ottawa cosmetic dentist also provides crowns, veneers, bridges, denture, tooth whitening, and gum recontouring. She also provides orthodontic care such as Invisalign treatment.

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To learn more about Ottawa Dental Veneers expert Dr. Pamela Li’s dental implant or TMD treatment, visit her Web site: visit her practice at 227-267 O’Connor Street, Ottawa, Ont., K2P 1V3; or call: (613) 232-0550 to schedule a consultation.

About Dr. Pamela Li
Dr. Pamela Li, Ottawa General Dentist, graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1988 with a BSc in chemistry. She then completed her dental training in 1992 at the University of Toronto. Afterwards she completed a general practice residency at St. Luke’s Memorial Hospital in Utica, N.Y.

Dr. Li worked at Moose Factory General Hospital on the Moose Factory Indian Reservation in Northern Ontario. She travelled up to Kasheshewan reservation monthly to service the needs of the remote aboriginal communities.

In 1994, Dr. Li returned to Ottawa, her hometown, to go into private practice. She has been practicing downtown since 1997 and has recently moved to her present location in August 2008.
She has taken extensive continuing education courses. She has attended the prestigious Las Vegas Institute (LVI) and has completed comprehensive post-doctoral courses in neuromuscular dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. She is certified in oral conscious sedation with the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS). She is also one of the few dentists in Ottawa certified in the Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM), the revolutionary new sportsguard.

Dr. Li, Ottawa TMJ Dentist, is certified in Invisalign, the clear retainer alternative to braces. She is a member of the AADSM (American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine). She is also a member of the Argyle Associates and Gumdocs implant study clubs.

Dr. Li volunteered for a 2 week medical/dental mission in the Dominican Republic. She along with 3 other dentists extracted over 1000 teeth in the remote mountainous region of the Dominican Republic. She also volunteered for one month in a hospital in St. Lucia. She performed general and emergency dentistry.

When she’s away from the office, Dr. Li enjoys the company of family and friends, traveling, skiing and skating.

Dr. Li has been married to Clinton for 11 years. They have two beautiful daughters, Sophia and Meagan, which keep them busy with piano, dance, swimming and skating lessons.
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