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Problems Associated with Protruding Teeth and How to Correct Them

By Pamela Li, in Articles, on May 8, 2012 | Comments (0)

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Protruding teeth can create a number of issues for your child. Eliminating the habits that cause teeth to protrude and correcting their teeth as early as possible can alleviate problems later in life.

“Many children have orthodontic problems that develop at an early age,” said Ottawa cosmetic dentistry professional Dr. Pamela Li. “Although orthodontic problems can be treated later with traditional braces, there are some issues that should be treated as soon as they develop. That’s the case with protruding teeth.”

Children with protruding teeth are at a greater risk of suffering from injury and trauma, especially during sports, as their teeth stick out past the lips. This makes it difficult for them to close their mouth completely. This can create a mouth breathing habit and it is also more difficult to make a comfortable sports guard.

“Aside from the risk of injury, children with protruding teeth can suffer from low self-esteem, as they feel they look different from other children,” said the general dentist. “Early treatment can ensure the best result in the least amount of time and expense. And the sooner we can correct the problem, the happier and more confident the child will be.”

The causes of protruding teeth
Protruding teeth are generally a result of thumb sucking or overuse of pacifiers at a young age. While these habits are a common way for infants to exercise the tongue and mouth muscles, they should stop somewhere between the age of two and four years old.

“The amount of sucking per day, rather than the magnitude of pressure, directly correlates to the severity of teeth displacement,” the dental bridge provider said. “So if the habit is not broken early, the result of that can be protruding teeth, constricted dental arches, crowding and lisping.”

There are many natural remedies and resources to help children break the habit, but it’s important for the parents to be adamant about ceasing the habit before it’s too late.

While bad habits are the main cause for protruding teeth, genetics can also be to blame. Sometimes the upper jaw can be enlarged and out of proportion to the rest of the facial structure. The lower jaw can also be too small when compared to the upper jaw.

Tooth size discrepancy can also contribute to protruding teeth. If your child has teeth that are too large for their mouth, we can correct this with braces and filing of the teeth.

Lastly, crowding in the mouth can cause protruding teeth. When your child’s teeth begin to erupt, they could jet out, as they do not have proper space in their mouth for their teeth to properly settle.

Many of these problems can be corrected with early intervention treatments, as they are still growing, which makes treating the problems of crowding or teeth size much easier, said the Ottawa Family Dentistry specialist, Dr. Li.

As for adults who suffer from protruding teeth, their treatment will be much more extensive. Treatment may be compromised and take much longer to complete. Crowns may be needed to reshape the teeth and extractions may also be necessary.

“It’s clear to see the benefits of correcting protruding teeth early,” said the dentist who offers teeth cleanings at her office. “But there is no deadline to get your teeth fixed, as we can address issues at every age.”

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