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Problems Associated with Protruding Teeth and How to Correct Them

By Pamela Li, in Articles, on May 8, 2012 | Comments (0)

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Protruding teeth can create a number of issues for your child. Eliminating the habits that cause teeth to protrude and correcting their teeth as early as possible can alleviate problems later in life.

“Many children have orthodontic problems that develop at an early age,” said Ottawa cosmetic dentistry professional Dr. Pamela Li. “Although orthodontic problems can be treated later with traditional braces, there are some issues that should be treated as soon as they develop. That’s the case with protruding teeth.”

Children with protruding teeth are at a greater risk of suffering from injury and trauma, especially during sports, as their teeth stick out past the lips. This makes it difficult for them to close their mouth completely. This can create a mouth breathing habit and it is also more difficult to make a comfortable sports guard. (more…)

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