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Why Digital Radiography is Better

By Pamela Li, in News, on January 21, 2013 | Comments Off

Ottawa, Ontario – Ottawa dental care is getting more sophisticated every day. One important technological advance that has become popular in recent years not only makes the dental process easier for dentists and orthodontists, it makes it safer for patients, too. Digital X-rays are fast becoming the norm in the dental world, and it’s not hard to see why.

X-rays are an important part of any dentist’s treatment plan because they allow the dentist to view more than just what they can see by looking in a patient’s mouth. Through the shadows created in an X-ray, a dentist can see things hidden by bone and gums, and can look at things like the density of tissue. This allows them to form a complete picture when treating patients.

Dental X-rays are used to:

• Find tooth decay, damage to bones around the teeth, broken roots and other dental injuries.

• Assess bone loss in periodontal disease and root stability.

• Find impacted teeth or teeth that haven’t broken through the gum properly.

• Find cysts or abscesses.

• Check the location of permanent teeth in children who still have their baby teeth.

• Plan for large cavities, root canals, placement of dental implants, and other extensive dental work.

• Discover the early stages of tooth decay.

Digital X-rays are an important advancement for many reasons, one of which is their convenience.

“Ottawa dentists, and dentists throughout the world, love digital X-rays because they are faster than a standard radiograph,” says Dr. Pamela Li, an Ottawa Dentistry provider who treats TMJ patients. “Not only that, they also provide more detailed images.”

Digital X-rays afford a dentist the ability to magnify and zoom in on images, meaning they can see things that might be missed if using standard radiography. Treatment options are enhanced by the ability to accurately diagnose any issues a patient might have. And because images appear instantly, there is no need for a patient to wait for X-rays to be developed. This allows the patient and doctor to immediately form a treatment plan, which is beneficial especially to patients with severe dental issues that want relief as soon as possible.

Digital X-rays are also much safer than standard radiography. Dr. Li uses the state of the art and award winning Dexis system, which exposes patients to 70-80 percent less radiation than standard radiographs.

“Dental X-rays are already at the low end of radiation exposure, and digital X-rays provide significantly lower radiation than that,” says Li, who also provides Ottawa porcelain veneers, Invisalign, and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. “My office is dedicated to providing the best dental care possible, and that includes taking into account the safety and comfort of our patients. Digital X-rays allow us to accurately treat dental issues, while at the same time exposing our patients to the least amount of radiation possible.”

Digital X-rays are also environmentally friendly. Standard radiographs required the use of potentially dangerous developer and fixer chemicals. Proper disposal of the chemicals is mandatory. Digital X-rays appear instantly on any computer, laptop or tablet in the dentist’s office. Immediately after X-rays are taken, a dentist can show the X-ray to the patient, and together they can craft a treatment plan.

Dental technology is advancing every day, resulting in more convenient, comfortable and safer treatment for patients of all ages.

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Using Laser Dentistry for Common Oral Ailments

By pamelali, in Articles, on September 21, 2011 | Comments (0)

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Using lasers for various types of surgical procedures has not only made them safer, but has also greatly reduced recovery time.
Dental professionals can improve the look of your smile or treat gum disease using a laser, which is much less invasive than traditional periodontal surgery.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery
Some people have too much gum tissue or their gums may be uneven. Either way, Ottawa cosmetic dentistry provider Dr. Pamela Li says a laser gum re-contouring procedure can make a world of difference.

“Gummy” smiles are caused by an overgrowth of gum tissue or bone tissue, which dominates the mouth, making the teeth appear almost secondary in appearance. This can be due to heredity, improper development or caused by certain health problems or medications.


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