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SimpliClear Translucent Braces offer Patients An Alternative to the Metal Look

By Pamela Li, in Articles, on December 20, 2012 | Comments (0)

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – When a patient is in need of orthodontic work such as braces, they have a lot of options to choose from. With dental technology constantly evolving, patients can choose to have metal or translucent braces and wires as well.

“It’s becoming more common for patients young and old, to shy away from metal braces because there are so many clear options available,” said Ottawa ON Dentist Dr. Pameli Li.

In addition to the Invisalign system, which is a series of clear plastic aligners that can be taken out to eat and drink, Dr. Li offers SimpliClear translucent braces by BioMers.

“Unlike Invisalign, SimpliClear is not removable, yet they are nearly invisible to the naked eye,” said Ottawa dentistry provider Dr. Li.

With BioMers, the wires, brackets and retainers are completely clear, creating a system just as effective as metal braces, but it is more aesthetically pleasing.

Traditional orthodontic braces are comprised of brackets and wires to align teeth. The SimpliClear system is made up of translucent brackets and unlike other systems, it offers revolutionary translucent wires as well.

“We have seen through the evolution of clear braces that while the brackets may be nearly invisible, the wires are still there,” said Dr. Li. “SimpliClear understood this short-coming and developed a completely workable solution with a translucent wire.”

The polymer composite wire is non-metallic, and because it has similar mechanical properties to conventional metallic wires used in braces, it is able to offer comparable results.

SimpliClear offers patients the aesthetics they desire without compromising the treatment outcomes they demand,” the Ottawa veneers provider said.

Each SimpliClear wire is customized by your orthodontist to meet your treatment needs. The wires are designed to apply gentle forces to move your teeth to achieve desired results. SimpliClear can be used to correct smiles ranging from easy fixes to more complex issues. The brackets, which are made from a monocrystalline sapphire material, resist staining so that the braces will remain translucent throughout the course of treatment.

SimpliClear is a good aesthetic option to Invisalign clear aligners, as more complex cases can be treated with better control,” said Dr. Li.

Dr. Li is one of two Ottawa cosmetic dentists in Ontario who offers SimpliClear by BioMers.

SimpliClear is still a relatively new technology,” said. Ottawa emergency dentist Dr. Li. “I knew as soon as I saw what SimpliClear could do for patients that I had to become a certified provider.”

Patients should exercise the same care they would when wearing SimpiClear as they would if they had traditional metal braces. They should avoid eating crunchy, sticky, tacky food such as gum, popcorn and taffy. Patients should brush after every meal and floss regularly. Appointments at the dentist will be to have the wires tightened to keep teeth on track.

“Patients need to be mindful when eating, as the wires and brackets can break as they can with traditional metal braces,” said Dr. Li. “Good oral hygiene care, coupled with regular dental appointments, will help them achieve optimal results.”

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