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Aside from a few key exceptions, the practice of family dentistry is similar to general dentistry. While both types of dentistry handle oral hygiene and tooth health, a family dentist accepts patients of all ages and cares for your child's baby teeth and permanent teeth.

Family dentists provide preventive dentistry services, such as regular cleanings, sealants, preventive resin restorations and fluoride treatments in addition to orthodontic treatment and other basic dental work as required.

One unique aspect of family dentistry is they understand the role genetics play regarding the patient's risk of periodontal disease and decay. Using this knowledge they are able to analyze the anatomical length and shape of roots as well as the fissures in the biting surfaces of teeth. Dr. Li is able to partially predict how the child's teeth will erupt, based on their parent's teeth and facial development. Dr. Li is also able to offer early interceptive orthodontics to help control and direct facial development.

Dr. Li also advises women on prenatal dental hygiene and diet, and she offers instructions on infant care including soothers, nursing and bottles.

Dr. Li is proud to offer water and juice boxes in the reception area for younger patients, as well as activities to entertain them such as an iPad loaded with games, a treat basket for after their appointment and the achievement of having their photo placed on the cavity-free wall.

Aside from children's dentistry, Dr. Li also offers geriatric dentistry, as it is a growing area with unique needs. Seniors have a high risk of root decay for many reasons, such as dry mouth from medications and bone loss as a result of periodontal disease. Seniors often have limited manual dexterity from arthritis. This form of dentistry is highly specialized, which is why Dr. Li has committed some of her training to learning about the effects of age on the teeth.

Families who are seeking a new dentist are encouraged to meet with Dr. Li and tour her office. This allows patients to get a feel for the office, its norms and meet the staff. For children especially, meeting with the dentist before getting in the dental chair is important, as many children fear the dentist.

Please contact our office to speak with a member of our staff to make an appointment.

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