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Ottawa Cosmetic Dentistry Technology

Ottawa Dentistry: Our Technology

Dr. Li is an LVI trained dentist. That means that she utilizes the latest techniques and uses the best materials available in dentistry. In turn, this ensures only the best dentistry for you and your entire family.

LVI is a world-renowned training facility for dentist in Summerlin, Nevada that utilizes a comprehensive, rigorous, intensive system to train dentists in all aspects of dentistry, with an emphasis in cosmetics and TMD disorders.

Choosing the right dentist is an important decision. You want to be confident that your dentist use the latest technology and techniques, while offering compassionate care. When you choose cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Pamela Li, you can rest assured you've made the right decision.

Our office features state-of-the-art technology, so we can provide you with the most popular dental enhancements and the best care possible. We use these and other exciting tools in our office:

TENS Unit ( J-5 Myomonitor )
Soft tissue Laser
Digital radiography
Intraoral cameras
Patient Education System (Caesy)
Medibyte (home PSG)

Tens Unit  (J5 Myomonitor)

When patients come to our office with neuromuscular problems, we begin our evaluation with a low-frequency Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation, or TENS, unit. The unit works by delivering small electrical impulses to the muscles responsible for jaw movement to relax the jaw muscles. This results in increased blood flow to flush toxins from the area. In as little as an hour, the relaxed jaw muscles are able to find a more stable optimal position.


K7  (computerized mandibular scanning  unit, electro-myograph and joint sonography)


We diagnose the problem with our K-7 computerized mandibular scanning unit, which records proper alignment of the jaw and creates digital models of the teeth. The K-7 can develop 3-D images of the patients jaw and mouth with a magnet and sensor. The K-7 also has an electro-myograph to measure electrical activity in the muscles, allowing Dr. Li to determine where the muscles are at a physiological rest position. The K-7 also has a sonograph, which measures sounds in the jaw joint, which can tells us if the patients jaw joint is damaged and to what extent.






Soft Tissue Laser

Soft tissue lasers are used for dental procedures such as gum recontouring, periodontal therapy, crown lengthening, frenectomies, cold sore treatment and many others. Using laser technology for these procedures offers many benefits including:

  • Extreme precision
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Less discomfort and trauma to the reconstructed areas
  • Minimal post-operative healing time
  • Minimal or no scarring
  • Less appointment time than traditional methods



Ottawa Dentists: Digital Radiography

Ottawa Dentists: Digital Radiography

Our office uses the award-winning Dexis system, the latest and best in digital radiography. Digital x-rays are safer than traditional film X-rays because they use 70-80 percent less radiation. They are also better for the patient because images appear instantly and the dentist is able to magnify images, resulting in a better diagnosis. They are also better for the environment because there is no need for developer and fixer chemicals.


Intraoral cameras

Intraoral Camera Reveals the Truth about Your Teeth

Open Wide & Say "Aha!"

It is hard for people to have a true understanding of the status of their dental health because it's hard to see anything other than just the front of our teeth. But intraoral cameras have changed all of that. Now you can sit comfortably back in the chair while the dentist or hygienist inserts a handy pen-sized, camera-tipped wand into your mouth. The wand simply takes a video of the inside of your mouth and transmits the images via cable to a computing unit. The unit then enlarges the full-color images and sends them to a TV screen. Suddenly both you and your dentist are able to view together every last detail of your oral health.


What You Can't See Can Hurt You

It's not necessarily pleasant to come face to face with your own dental condition. From what you can see, all may look find. But, what you can't see might reveal the early stages of potentially serious problems. Getting a better picture of your overall dental health will help you make an informed decision about your treatment options. In addition, the camera can show in a moment how well you're doing with your regular home hygiene. This helps you and your dentist realistically assess what steps you might need to take on your own to improve the health of your teeth and gums.


Caesy Patient Education System

The Caesy System has more than 270 multimedia presentations on all areas of dentistry. Using clear language, they explain the need for treatment, treatment options, what the treatment entails, and home care after treatment.


Ottawa Dentists: Sleep Apnea

Ottawa Dentists: Sleep Apnea

The Medibyte is an ambulatory polysomnograph (PSG) recorder, or a sleep test that can be performed in the comfort of your own home. It is manufactured by Braebon, an Ottawa company and is used in hospitals all-around the world, including right here in Ottawa.

It is the smallest type III PSG unit available, weighing only 2.7 ounces. Even better, it is comfortable and easy to use. It can record snore volume with audio playback, while also recording nasal and oral airflow, pulse rate, oxygen saturation levels, chest and abdominal movement, sleep positions and tooth grinding. It can screen patients for central, mixed and obstructive apneas.




Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) is a fast, non-invasive method for evaluating the function of the Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) and is a valuable tool for dentists in investigating TMJ disorders. The equipment consists of a simple pair of pressure sensors that are placed over the joint to record vibrations as the jaw moves. The JVA records vibration, amplitude, and frequency and also shows exactly where in the opening cycle the vibration occurs. Different TMJ disorders produce different patterns of vibration. A dentist can analyze these patterns to diagnose a patient's specific disorder and create an appropriate treatment for it. You may click on the play button below to watch our video about JVA.



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