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I had a bicycle accident several years ago which damaged my teeth.  Over time, my original teeth no longer matched the colour of my prosthetics.  Dr. Li suggested replacing the original crowns with porcelain.  I am extremely happy with the results.  She took much care in getting the proper colour shade and made me feel so at ease during the entire process.  She is a true professional.  I love my new shiny white smile and would highly recommend her for cosmetic dental surgery.

Louise Haley, BScPT, BScN  owner of Haley Rehab Clinic

I am amazed at how much better I look and feel.  I have suffered from chronic allergies and sinusitis for several years.  I also developed asthma and a chronic cough.  I had difficulty breathing and could not go outside in the humid summer days.  I would get headaches 1-2 times a week lasting from 1-4 days.  Within a few months of starting the neuromuscular treatment I began to feel better with less congestion.  My cough is gone and I have no problems breathing anymore.  Now I only get about one headache a month.  The loud popping noise in my jaw is also gone and I can open my mouth wider and more comfortably.  I have a beautiful new smile and a comfortable bite.  Thank you for helping me improve my health.

Lilian Li

Testimonial for
Dr. Pamela Li
Sally (Sue) M. Wise

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I write this testimonial to the dedication and caring that Dr. Pamela Li has put into the care of my jaw.

Many years ago (35 years) I received a severe blow to my jaw, which left me with ongoing problems. Most of my discomfort was caused by my jaw joint slipping out of place, often for a couple of weeks at a time. During that time it would be very hard for me to eat, plus it was very sore during those times, causing some headaches. As time went by it became more frequent and visits to the dentist for regular work would leave me with a sore jaw for days. It didn't take much to set my jaw off, laughing, yawning, opening my mouth too wide. You get the general idea.

Around three years ago it took a turn for the worst, I had also started grinding and clenching my teeth. The pain was so bad it would wake me up at night. Everything made my jaw sore. I guess you could say it was a 24/7 problem.

It was at this time I started to discusss it with Dr. Li. The first year I had a upper jaw nightguard and it helped somewhat in the beginning. As Dr. Li realized there was more to my jaw disorder than she first realized, she asked me if I would be willing to try the "Neuromuscular Treatment".

She took the time to explain in detail the procedure and the hoped for outcome, adding their are varying degrees of success, depending on how my jaw and muscles responded. My commitment to do the work needed would also be a factor. At that time she was beginning her certification in this procedure. I have been a patient of Dr. Li for at least 7 years and have total faith in her expertise and judgement (She was the first dentist to respect the fact that I have a very small mouth and managed to work around it, without stressing me out). How could I not commit myself? At the time I hadn't realized the great commitment that Dr. Li would also be investing into the repairing and healing of my jaw.

Dr. Li has committed an enormous amount of time and patience far beyond the call of duty. My part in all of this was to be committed and follow up on her suggestions for physiotherapy, x-rays and such.

Here I am not a year later. Mostly pain free. I can actually eat an apple without cutting it into little pieces, talk without my jaw becoming painful and my nights are spent sleeping.


A layman's synopsis of the medical problems with my jaw

Deforming changes to the jaw i.e. narrowing, degenerative changes
Displacement of the disc (left) and complete deterioration (right) disc
Limited opening of jaw
Deforming changes of the actual jaw joints
Changes in the positioning of the teeth
Eating with great difficulty


Orthotic wearing 24/7
Frequent visits to the dentist for adjustments to orthotic
Frequent visits to a head and neck physiotherapist
Daily exercises to loosen muscles causing tension
Eating softer foods.

Progress (9 months)

Bottom jaw has moved significantly forward
Muscles have lost a lot of tension and tightness
Pain is at least 98% alleviated if not more
Eating is becoming a pleasure again
Opening mouth considerably wider

Life's little miracles never cease to amaze me

Thank you, Dr. Li



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